The ultimate experience of relaxation in nature

Our facilities

Come discover our multiple facilities:

Designed by a Finnish engineer, our saunas represent the best of Scandinavian tradition. Heated to between 85 and 90 degrees Celsius, they can accommodate up to 18 and 8 people, respectively.

Using a steam jet mixed with eucalyptus essential oil, our steam rooms are heated to between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius. They can accommodate up to 20 and 10 people, respectively.

Starting at its source in Jacques Cartier lake, roughly 80 km north of Nordique Spa Stoneham, this river has the clearest, purest water of any in the region. It’s accessible more than 40 weeks out of the year, even during winter time for those who wish to enjoy a peak Nordic experience.

With a waterfall through which flows more than 300 litres of water per minute, this refreshing cooling basin has a temperature of 12 to 22 degrees Celsius depending on the season.

Situated next to the smaller of the two steam rooms, the shower comprises three jets, one at the top and two on the sides, to provide the most even cooling sensation possible. It uses spring water from the spa’s own well, with a temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius year round.

Offering a combination of Adirondack chairs, loungers, rocking chairs, and relaxation beds, each relaxation room has its own charm. Two of the rooms are equipped with a wood fireplace and another one with a gas fireplace.

Whether on the pier, in the woods, or on one of our large terrasses, in a chair or in one of our ten hammocks, our spa offers many ways to relax surrounded by natural beauty.

With a capacity of 20 people each, our two large whirlpool baths are heated to between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius depending on the time of year. One of them also offers a heated waterfall flowing at more than 300 litres per minute, providing a powerful upper back and shoulder massage.

With eight indoor massage rooms in the main building and four massage gazebos situated on the riverbank, we can offer you solo or couples massage treatments. During the summer, you can experience massages in the great outdoors, with the soothing sounds of the river as backdrop.

The 250 square metres of terraces surrounding the three outdoor baths are heated in winter to prevent ice from forming and ensure the safety of our clients.

Our bistro accommodates up to 16 diners and is heated by a gas fireplace. In summertime, our bistro’s outdoor terrace offers arguably the most beautiful views in the whole region.

Designed for 2 people, our tiny-houses are 360 square feet.  With a queen size bed, a bathroom with shower, a full kitchen, a small living room with a propane fireplace and a covered patio of 112 square feet, it provides all the comfort required after a day at the spa.

The ultimate experience of relaxation in nature

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