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There is no need to reserve in advance if you are simply interested in enjoying the spa. For a massage appointment, it is strongly recommended that you reserve as far in advance as possible. As a general rule, we recommend reserving at least 7 days in advance to ensure an appointment for your preferred date and time.

Whether you choose your massage treatment to take place before or after using the spa facilities, the relaxation benefits obtained are the same. However, if this is your first Nordic spa experience, we suggest that you start with a massage, as this will give you more flexibility for the rest of your day at the spa.

Your admission to the spa is good for the whole day, and you may enjoy the spa facilities as long as you like. As a general rule of thumb, you should budget 2-4 hours to make the most of the Nordic baths. If you add a 60 minute massage to your relaxation experience, you should expect to spend 3-5 hours at the spa.

Your spa admission now includes the rental of two towels and a lock. We suggest that you bring a bottle of water, a swimsuit and beach sandals, and, in winter a bath robe. All these items are also available for sale or rent at the spa; however, it may be more economical to bring your own items.

Our spa complex is designed to provide a comfortable spa experience regardless of weather conditions. Sunny weather can certainly make your experience even more pleasant, but we sincerely believe that no other outdoor activity is more enjoyable in rainy weather than the one offered by our spa.

Light dining options are available at the spa. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the spa complex and an atmosphere of relaxation, no outside food is permitted.

We offer wine by the glass and microbrewery beer. Customer are not allowed to bring alcohol on the site. Please note that alcool consumption during spa therapy may have adverse health effects. The management reserves the right to refrain from allowing a client who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs from using the spa.

Le Nordique spa Stoneham is set apart from other spas by the experience of relaxation in the midst of nature. We specialize in providing alternating hot-cold Scandinavian baths and massage therapy in a breathtaking natural setting. No other treatments or services are currently offered.

All our massage therapists offer an excellent Swedish massage, which best complements the alternating hot-cold bath treatment. When you arrive for your massage appointment, let your therapist know whether you prefer a relaxing massage, therapeutic massage, or massage for pregnant women.

Most personal or group health insurance plans will offer partial or full reimbursement of massage therapy treatment costs. Contact your plan directly to determine whether the treatment must be prescribed by a doctor in order to be reimbursable, as well as the fraction of the cost of treatment covered by your plan. All our massage therapists are able to issue receipts for treatment for insurance purposes.

Our massage therapists are professionals trained to respect individual needs. During the treatment, a cover will be placed on you at all times in order to respect your privacy. Only the body part being massaged will be uncovered at any given time. It is more comfortable to undress completely before a massage session, but we respect the choice of our clients to keep items of clothing on if they so desire.

Several of our massage therapists have received training in a type of massage perfectly adapted to the special needs of pregnant women. This massage treatment takes into account the physical and physiological changes affecting pregnant women. However, if you are less than 12 weeks into your pregnancy, a note from your doctor may be required, because the health risks are greater. Don’t forget to specify precisely at what stage you are in your pregnancy when you make your massage reservation. Using the spa may be inadvisable for women with pregnancy complications. For this reason, consult your doctor on whether spa treatment may carry risks for your particular situation.

As a general rule, massage therapy poses no risk of aggravating health conditions, except for certain types of cancer (active or in remission). To this end, we may require a note from your doctor when you come in for your appointment. Using the spa may not be advisable for people suffering from heart problems, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, hypertension and hypotension, especially when these problems are considered serious and uncontrollable. In case of doubt, ask your doctor for advice on your particular condition.

Your reservation for a massage is an appointment with one of our massage therapists. All reservations must be guaranteed by a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). You can modify or cancel a reservation 48 hours or more in advance without a penalty. It is not possible to modify or cancel a reservation before your appointment. In the case that the client is not present for an appointment, the credit card will be charged in full. If you have a last-minute change of plans, we suggest that you pass on your appointment to a family member or friend, as you would with a ticket to a concert or another event.

Tipping the massage therapist is left to the discretion of the client.

For security reasons and to preserve a relaxing environment for our clients, only persons 18 years of age or older are permitted to use the spa. However, 14 to 17 year old children are permitted to use the spa on the condition of being accompanied by adults (ratio of one child per adult).

Your group is welcome to use the spa facilities as long as its members respect the spa regulations concerning quietness. Le Nordique spa Stoneham is above all a place of relaxation, rather than social activities and festivities.

Le Nordique spa Stoneham offers lodging services with our tiny-houses.  With a surface area of 360 square feet, our tiny-houses offer all the comforts needed for two people. They include a full kitchen, a queen size bed, a bathroom with a shower, a living area with a gas fireplace, as well as a covered 112 square foot deck. Every night’s stay at a mini-chalet includes access for two to the facilities at Nordique spa Stoneham.

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